Problem, Solution, and Failure

Trails of Problem Solving

Blog Start!!!

I tried to open my blog for 3 years. To follow hacker sprit, I was finding place to share information about problem solving. Problem solving includes resolving problems which I encounter sometimes.

However I did not want to open my blog with blog providing services (e.g. wordpress, blogger). Because I am computer scientist, programmer and artist, I need to understand all procedure that involved in my blog, I need to take control all over my blog and I need to change my blog whatever I want.

While those thought about blog were in my head, I found GitHub and Octopress. And today, it is Sunday, which means I can spend my time for hobby. Yes, it is Monday. I am being all-nighter today. Haha All resources are ready, and BOOM!!. I CREATED MY BLOG.

I hope my future postings provide useful information. So my readers can save their valuable time.